In The Mood For Love (2000)


Two attractive young neighbours in 1960’s Hong Kong form a bond when they discover that their spouses are having an affair.

Instead of the steamy love affair I was expecting, In The Mood For Love is essentially the romance that never was. It is stylistically gorgeous, with the extremely attractive stars showing off a a variety of beautifully crafted period fashions and it is clear that every aspect of the production design has been considered; complimented by a similarly lovely score, this film is a sensual delight. The story is very understated and although you cannot help but feel the appeal of the stunning Maggie Cheung and dashingly handsome Tony Leung, it’s difficult to form a true bond with them as their need to be “proper” for no real reason other than to feel superior to their cheating spouses forbids them from fulfilling their passion.

Kind of like a cross between Brief Encounter and Mad Men, In The Mood For Love will not disappoint the senses but lacks the dramatic meat that makes for a classic.



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