In A Lonely Place (1950)


A Hollywood screenwriter embarks on a relationship with actress Gloria Grahame with the shadow of a murder rap that hangs over his head.

In this story, Humphrey Bogart is in full intense and paranoid mode rather than the usual in control tough guy we’ve become accustomed to, and Gloria Grahame’s part was actually written specifically for Lauren Bacall and I couldn’t help thinking how much better she would have been. I personally was hoping for another Chandleresque Film Noir and as the murder case seemed to recede into the distance – it is even solved off screen – so did my interest; I wanted tough crime drama and got romantic melodrama. Not only that, but in a story that was done so much better by Hitchcock in both Suspicion and Rebecca. Well written and acted, but In A Lonely Place was not really my cup of tea.



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