Impostor (2002)


Weapons designer Gary Sinise finds himself on the run in a warring future state after being accused of being an alien spy.

Yet another potboiler based on a Philip K. Dick short story, Impostor doesn’t really have the depth or invention to satisfyingly explore the source material’s themes of identity and sense of self. It does however have some nice effects and production design and a cast – , including Vincent D’Onofrio, Tony Shalhoub and Madeleine Stowe – that although lacking in big name stars, does have enough in the way of solid character actors to keep you watching. The rather straight to DVD style direction and unimaginative plot – it’s basically just a long chase sequence – mean it will win no prizes for originality, but taken as a no frills sci-fi B-movie it has enough action and twists to pass 80 minutes inoffensively enough.

Nowhere near the best of the Philip K. Dick adaptations, but far from the worst.



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