Pusher III: I’m The Angel Of Death (2006)


The third and final part of the Pusher trilogy concentrates on local mid-level drug distributor Milo from the previous films who has another deal go sour and finds himself indebted to some Albanian gangsters.

Pusher III has all the same strengths and weaknesses of the previous films; it has a stomach churning realism – especially during the disposal of a couple of bodies that’s so gruesomely realistic it makes the one from Donnie Brasco look like the “how to” section of Blue Peter – attention to detail and naturalistic performances. But it is also full of unsympathetic characters, zero humour and exactly the same kind of unsatisfying conclusion of the first instalment; in fact the entire trilogy feels a little like watching random, unconnected episodes of the Sopranos in Danish. At its best, it’s intense, disturbing and brutally believable but it’s definitely a slow burner which made me think the sensationalist subheadings of the sequels and twin pistol toting artwork of the DVD cover seemed a bit like false advertising as there is little in the way of action throughout the whole trilogy.

A good, solid set of gritty crime dramas, but anyone expecting high octane action will be disappointed.


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