I, Robot (2004)


When a prominent robotic scientist seemingly commits suicide, robot-hating detective Will Smith suspects that one of his creations is the true culprit.

Well, it’s a Hollywood blockbuster, so you will have to tolerate Will Smith doing his usual pec-flexing, wisecracking schtick, Bridget Moynahan trying too hard to breathe life into her under-written eye candy role, and some frankly shameless product placement. However this is definitely an above par example because the script actually does not do the original Asimov stories a disservice and captures their spirit quite well; the character of Sonny played by Alan Tudyk is probably the most likeable and arguably best acted in the film and there are some pretty – if not entirely convincing – special effects. It is marred by some unnecessary visual claptrap during some overly cumbersome action set pieces and the use of green screen is overly pervasive, but Smith has made a career out of being impossible to dislike and the twist to the story is actually quite clever.

Although totally lacking in subtlety in the way most Hollywood blockbusters do, I, Robot definitely has its moments and I always enjoy watching a revolution.


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