I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK (2007)


Chan-wook Park shifts gears for his follow up to The Vengeance Trilogy and produces a charming little oddity featuring a young girl who is committed when she refuses to eat in the belief that she is a robot.

The entire film is set within a mental institution populated by an amusing collection of likeable loonies. Park does get the opportunity to express his trademark inventive imagery by realising the delusions of the inmates in his inimitable style and it looks as glorious as always; there are even a couple of – imagined – lead-fuelled bloodbaths to keep the action junkies happy. The pairing of Su-jeong Lim and Rain makes for a very endearing couple, despite the factor of Rain’s massive thespian handicap (he’s actually a pop star). It’s true that the film is very deliberately “kooky”, which for me at least can be like having a root canal, but here it’s restrained enough to not grate on the nerves. Always amusing, but rarely laugh out loud funny, I’m A Cyborg but That’s OK is rather lightweight in comparison to Park’s previous work, but it is fun.

I just think it’s destined to languish in the shadow on the far superior Amelie.


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