The Host (2007)


With some notable exceptions, I’m not a big fan of the monster movie. They tend to be utterly formulaic in a way that not many genres are; essentially they’re all exactly the same.

But the many gushing reviews I’d seen of The Host, which included quotes like “no ordinary monster movie”, “black offbeat humour” and “biting political satire”, persuaded me that this may be one of the good ones. Basically, through man’s pollution of the local river, a huge mutation is created which turns around and bites the local people on the ass by appearing at strategic intervals and gobbling them up one by one. So how exactly is this “no ordinary monster movie”…? The “biting political satire” appears to be a clumsy message about how pollution is bad and the only time I laughed was at some of the acting. Plus the computer generated monster looked poor and unconvincing. I made it through to the end – mainly to see if there was something I was missing – but it ended in the usual and predictable way, via some deeply unconvincing plotting.

I can’t help thinking that those reviews were the product of The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome, but Tremors, Deep Rising, Deep Blue Sea, and even Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla was better than this.



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