Stranded (2013)


A lunar drilling operation is seriously damaged by a meteor shower, cutting off communication with the outside world and leaving the four person crew at the mercy of a shape-changing alien life form.

Stranded is cheap. This is obvious from the opening shots of the exterior of the lunar base, which are the most amateurish special effects I have seen in a motion picture for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, the majority of the story takes place indoors as the creature stalks the now familiar darkened corridors and air vents of sci-fi horror cliche. Stranded is very much of the Alien school of creature feature, blending in a little of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and The Thing From Another World so originality is not exactly its strong suit. In the plus column, it is adequately atmospheric and the cast are perfectly serviceable in their roles with Michael Therriault in particular making a decent fist of both anxiety-riddled alcoholic crew man and his own nemesis.

Stranded is brief, to the point and a reasonably effective sci-fi B movie considering its extremely meagre budget; I have seen a Hell of a lot more money blown on far worse examples than this.



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