Highway Patrolman (1992)


Highway Patrolman follows a Mexican cop from his graduation from the academy through to his posting on a deserted stretch of highway, leading to a showdown with the local drug runner who killed his partner.

Alex Cox’s meandering cop story feels more like a road movie than a thriller per se. It has a lot to commend it; namely the offbeat subject matter, gentle humour, good performances and well shot sun-drenched landscapes. The main problem with it is the lack of drama. The long anticipated showdown doesn’t really come to anything; it may be making some clever analogy about Mexico’s inability to hold accountable the foreigners who use it for their own corrupt ends, but it did not make a satisfying climax to the film entertainment-wise; this is not helped by having a rather wishy-washy protagonist who is neither really good nor bad enough to intrigue.

Having said that, there is still enough material of merit here to warrant a look, especially for fans of world cinema.



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