Highlander (1986)


A race of immortals who have been living amongst us through the centuries are destined to fight to the death to claim “The Prize”.

With its formula of large men with phallic weapons lopping each others heads off in modern day New York City to a Brian May guitar riff, Highlander is one of those films that could only have been made in the 1980’s. The “modern day” scenes have actually aged rather badly thanks to some ropy effects, TV standard photography and kitsch score, but the real joy of Highlander is in the brilliant concept which is only really explored in the best parts of the film; the flashbacks. These are very well done and the presence of Sean Connery as Connor MacLeod’s mentor raises the film well above its otherwise dubious pedigree. There’s great chemistry between the stars and Clancy Brown makes an amusingly maniacal villain which makes it all the more obvious that there just isn’t enough screen time devoted to the immortals themselves.

For me, Highlander is a bit of a nostalgic guilty pleasure and I’ve still got a soft spot for it despite its flaws.


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