High Sierra (1941)


After a professional bank robber is pardoned by the state, he immediately becomes involved in the robbery of a wealthy resort hotel.

Bogie is at his very best for this gritty character study of a hard boiled career criminal whose chosen profession spells doom for any attempts to lead a normal life. Ida Lupino is also supremely watchable as his streetwise sidekick and the climax involves an exciting car chase and a stand off between a Tommy gun-toting Bogart and the police on a mountain top. The only real weaknesses for me came with some of the subplots which were the only reasons it felt a little dated in places; namely the syrupy romance with a wholesome corn-fed farm girl and the painful and cringe-inducing comic relief with an Amos’n’Andy reject.

The core of the film involving the heist and Bogart and Lupino’s relationship are fantastic though; if you liked White Heat, you’ll like High Sierra.



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