Hereafter (2010)


A San Franciscan psychic whose uncontrollable ability to commune with the dead has caused him to lead a life in isolation, a London schoolboy who lost his twin brother and a French reporter who suffered a near death experience converge in a chance encounter that changes all of their lives.

Hereafter begins with a stunning sequence set during a tsunami that would put Roland Emmerich to shame and sets the scene beautifully for an “adult” exploration into the belief of an afterlife. However what we actually get is a rather long-winded daytime soap opera during which very little at all actually happens. Matt Damon does put in quite a sensitive performance and his scenes with Bryce Dallas Howard are perfectly judged but they lead nowhere. Instead we are left with what look like leftover scenes from Eastenders – as Frankie McLaren is as wooden as a pine box – intertwined with the aimless wanderings of the admittedly otherwise appealing Cecile De France.

Hereafter is more The Lake House than The Sixth Sense and I couldn’t help thinking as the credits rolled that Matt Damon should’ve signed up for Tinder instead; it’s a much easier way to meet women.



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