Her (2013)


A lonely writer unwilling to commit to a relationship because of a traumatic break-up finds himself falling for the artificially intelligent Operating System of his computer.

This near-future blending of romance and sci-fi has a similarly quirky feel to that of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Her prefers existential soul-searching to the quirkiness of Michel Gondry’s much loved tale however and as a result feels rather more intimate than its more overtly comedic counterpart. Joaquin Phoenix puts in a very honest performance as the confused human half of the relationship, not sure whether what he is feeling is “real” – whatever that might mean! – and there are some amusing and insightful scenes dealing with the current trend of the ever more intimate blending of social relationships and technology we are currently seeing. This makes for a vision of the near future which seems not only authentic but almost inevitable and Spike Jonzes’ sensitive handling of the subject is perceptive without being judgemental.

Sweet natured and heart warming, Her is like a re-imagining of A.I. by Woody Allen in his prime and fans of Eternal Sunshine may well fall in love all over again.



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