Harry Brown (2010)


An elderly ex-marine takes justice into his own hands when a local gang terrorise and murder his only friend.

It’s very easy to try and draw a comparison between Harry Brown and Gran Torino, being released as they were at around the same time, both featuring ageing vigilantes and both starring veteran stalwarts of tough guy cinema. But the comparison would only hold water if Gran Torino had been written and directed by Sylvester Stallone instead of Clint Eastwood. Michael Caine’s performance is actually the only aspect of the film of any merit whatsoever. In fact I must say that its quality serves only to throw into sharp relief the  dreadfulness of everyone else involved and to give credibility to a film that in essence is nothing more than exploitative trash. It contains exactly the same kind of cynical, manipulative plot devices that enable Steven Seagal and his ilk to exterminate all who oppose them without thought or conscience and its depiction of modern day Britain has clearly been transferred directly from the pages of that hateful right wing, scaremongering rag, The Daily Mail.

In effect, the most notable aspect of Harry Brown is its sheer moral bankruptcy.



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