Hanna (2011)


A retired spy who has trained his daughter in seclusion for her entire life, unleashes her upon the world to revenge herself upon the former handler who betrayed him and murdered her mother.

It’s the turn of teen photo love stories to be Bourne again in this girly-girl version of the action-spy movie. Hanna actually begins really strongly with some beautifully shot scenes set in an Arctic wilderness, but when Saoirse Ronan reaches the outside world it seems to become a teen travelogue featuring some awkwardly self-conscious attempts at humour and a “my first kiss” soap opera. The whole tone of the film reminded me very much of a big budget kids’ TV programme which does not sit well with some of the rather graphic violence that occurs at strategic intervals to remind us that we are not watching The Sarah Jane Adventures. This is not helped by the pumping pop soundtrack and supporting cast of wacky hit men – the uber-camp, mascara smeared Tom Hollander in a lemon yellow tracksuit accompanied by two skinheads is particularly embarrassing – and even Cate Blanchett struggles with her drawling stereotype of a character.

It’s a shame really because it’s actually a very promising idea, but the whole thing just falls apart under the weight of its own completely misjudged hotchpotch of incompatible ingredients.


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