Hancock (2008)


Hancock is a superhero, but he’s also a bum and a drunk. Until one day he saves the life of a PR guru who sets about helping him change his image.

This film is a genuinely difficult one to rate. The fact that it stars Will Smith and is packed with special effects belies the fact it has quite a quirky “indie” feel to it and Jason Bateman’s presence certainly adds to this. Hancock actually has a great premise; the idea of a waster with super powers is a funny one and the first half of the film has a lot of genuinely amusing, inventive moments; so much so I became convinced that I was seeing a future favourite. Unfortunately, for the final act it abandons the original idea and throws in a ridiculous back story and excuse for his existence which I didn’t really feel it needed. The script could – and should – have just concentrated on the character and would have been a whole lot better for it. In fact it reminded me a little of I Am Legend in that it begins with a great idea that seemed to have a point to make about the human condition, but suddenly changes direction and the message and gets lost in a sea of unnecessary CGI and clumsy plotting.

But also like I Am Legend, while it’s good, it’s great; it’s just a real shame that the finale fails so spectacularly to live up to its initial promise.



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