Tidal Wave (2009)


A tsunami predicted successfully by a seismologist heads for a peaceful Korean seaside resort with deadly consequences for its inhabitants.

Also known simply as “Tidal Wave”, this strictly by-the-numbers disaster movie is one of the highest ever grossing films in Korea; quite why, I’m not so sure. It sticks very much to the formula of an hour of stereotypes going about their soap-opera lives – although in this case, a broad streak of very juvenile humour plays a large part in the proceedings – before disaster strikes and hysteria reigns. The performances are ripe to say the least, the dialogue corny and humour ill-fitting, all set to a very clumsy and intrusive soundtrack with a finale that prefers cloying sentimentality to any real drama.

Even the special effects are workmanlike at best, making Tidal Wave something of a chore to sit through. A damp squib all round.



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