Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)


Professional contract killer Martin Blank decides to stop off at his high school reunion while out on a job and rekindles an old flame in the shape of Minnie Driver.

Part romantic comedy, part post-Tarantino Film Noir, this is the kind of cinematic hybrid that can sometimes go disastrously wrong but this brilliantly written example is not one of them. The dialogue is witty, snappy and insightful, it has likeable characters played by a great cast headed by John Cusack at his most charming and who shares a real chemistry with his co-star. There are also some great supporting performances by Dan Aykroyd as a rival hit man, Alan Arkin as Blank’s unwilling psychiatrist and Joan Cusack as his kind of post-modern old school Film Noir style secretary.

Add brisk no nonsense pacing and well handled set pieces and you have a smart and funny black comedy that works on every level.



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