Green Lantern (2011)


A dying member of an intergalactic peace-keeping force crash lands on Earth and bestows his power upon an irresponsible fighter jock.

The Green Lantern is a long running DC comics character whom I have always considered – even since childhood – to be rather lame. He’s basically like a cross between Superman and The Mask in that he has a magic ring that can conjure up anything he can imagine using the “green power of will”. Like I said, lame. This ludicrously clumsy metaphor is continued by the villain who controls “the yellow light of fear” and looks like a foggy version of an alien in Mars Attacks!; add the fact that the intergalactic force are just a bunch of computer generated cartoon characters and the whole thing looks very childish and silly. The dayglo visuals certainly don’t help on this score, making the entire project feel more Masters Of The Universe than The Dark Knight.

The action sequences are executed reasonably well, particularly the aerial combat sequence but it’s impossible to take seriously if you’re over the age of 10 and a host of other films have done this type of thing so much better.



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