Gravity (2013)


Two astronauts are cast adrift when an accident in orbit destroys their space vehicle and leaves them stranded.

I saw Gravity in 3D to experience the full effect and I must admit, the space walk scenes are visually spectacular and surely the closest the vast majority of us will ever come to experiencing space travel. Having said that, once you look past the surface Gravity is little more than a formulaic disaster flick with a plot that can be described as flimsy at best. George Clooney’s character is a space cowboy stereotype and Sandra Bullock’s Dr. Rhinestone – Rian Stone…seriously? – is a typical Hollywood protagonist who is completely defined by one tragic experience in their past, and just floats around in her undies looking scared while various bits of flotsam drift conspicuously around her. In fact when she started sniffling about how nobody had “taught her how to pray” while her tears floated directly into camera, it was then I began to lose all patience.

There’s probably an environmentally-friendly subtext about our planet being precious in there somewhere, and as a technical exercise in ground-breaking effects Gravity is worth seeing. But as a piece of drama this sappy, sentimental piece of pap just does not stand up to scrutiny.



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