Goodfellas (1990)


Career criminal Henry Hill reminisces upon his life of crime in this true life story based on an actual F.B.I. case.

Goodfellas is the perfect film. It has the perfect blend of drama, gritty violence and humour as we see the dark side of the American dream played out over 25 years of a wise guy’s life. The people depicted here do not play by society’s rules and have their own set of laws and conventions revolving around the pure pursuit of profit in this, the logical conclusion of capitalism. The livelihoods and lives of others are commodities to be used up and tossed away and life is cheap to these mobsters whose stated obsession with loyalty and family is also soon forgotten for the “big score”, leading to total anarchy. The combination of Robert DeNiro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci makes for a brilliant triple act and there are so many classic scenes it’s easy to lose count. The idea to tell the story in a “Wonder Years” format using one of the best soundtracks ever compiled was a stroke of genius and the post modern conclusion the perfect way to end the story.

Goodfellas is, for me, the best film ever made. Full stop.



One thought on “Goodfellas (1990)

  1. I love it when people say “best film ever made”- that kind of enthusiasm is infectious. I wouldn’t argue with your assessment, either. Goodfellas is a truly transcendent piece of cinema from a master right on his game. The music, the performances, the story, the overall tone and sense of the time – it’s all perfectly encapsulated in the glorious movie experience.


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