The Big One (1998)


Michael Moore continues his crusade against the crooks of corporate America during his whistle stop tour to promote his best selling book, Downsize This.

The format of a determined Moore appearing on the door steps of particularly self-serving and uncaring corporations to embarrass their middle management and PR suits while infuriating security guards will be familiar to anyone who has seen his shows TV Nation and The Awful Truth. This documentary also includes some stand up style extracts from his speaking engagements and various interviews with downtrodden working America and so is more of a feature length version of his TV projects than a cinematic film.

The Big One certainly won’t win over any of his critics but fans of Moore will, as ever, enjoy seeing him rail against the injustice of the system. I would also suggest watching until the very end; the most resonant moment – for me, at least – actually does not arrive until after the credits have rolled.



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