Gone In 60 Seconds (2000)


Nicolas Cage stars in another plotless foray into Hollywood no brainer territory that is paint by numbers film making at it’s least imaginative.

Cage handles the tough guy posturing while Giovanni Ribisi does his goodhearted dimwit schtick, Robert Duvall is the ageing mentor who comes out of retirement one last time, and Vinnie Jones shockingly plays a tight-lipped tough guy. Add the usual mix of dogged cops who are always one step behind and wise-cracking homies and you have a script that any semi-literate 8 year old could’ve written in their sleep. In fact, the ingredients of stereotypical cops and robbers, flash cars, MTV soundtrack, high contrast colour filters and storytelling by montage reminded me very much of a feature length episode of CSI: Miami. The only surprises are Christopher Eccleston’s bizarre infatuation with carpentry and the fact that the obligatory yet slickly entertaining car chase takes a full 85 minutes to materialise.

Basically Gone In 60 Seconds is a cinematic Big Mac; it’s difficult to hate as it appeals to all your basest instincts by design, but at its core it is completely pointless and empty.



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