Glory (1989)



Glory is the story of a white liberal Bostonian Colonel who headed the first black regiment in the Union army.

As with many of this kind of worthy and well meaning historical dramas, Glory is a little patronising in its approach and can be guilty of emotional manipulation which occasionally descends into schmaltz. Thankfully the strong cast more than makes up for this, particularly Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman who share all of the best scenes; when the regiment are ordered to put a civilian Southern town to the torch and Freeman finally steps up and puts mean-spirited, smart-mouthed Washington in his place are highlights. The battle sequences are also well staged and gritty in their realism, especially the final attack which is well worth the wait.

Matthew Broderick didn’t entirely convince me as a leader of fighting men, but as a whole Glory is a well executed tale that captures an interesting period in American history.



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