The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2010)


An emotionally damaged young researcher helps a disgraced investigative journalist reopen the case of a series of murders that occurred 40 years previously.

Having heard so much about this “international best seller” and the fact that David Fincher deemed it worthy of a remake meant that the idea of this film intrigued me, but despite its weighty reputation I felt seriously let down. Technically, the film is absolutely fine. The performances all solid, the pacing and direction well executed and the photography is attractive and stylish. Unfortunately all these good qualities are built on quicksand because the plot is so unconvincing and workmanlike. It’s exactly like one of those 1990’s detective TV shows – Inspector Morse sprang to mind – but worse. It involves a girl who is emotionally traumatised (you can tell because she has tattoos and piercings and is a bit gay, the weirdo) who is graphically – and irrelevantly – raped and then manages to figure out that the murdered girls are all Jewish, something beyond the capabilities of the Swedish police force who are clearly an army of Inspector Clouseaus. The pair then brilliantly solve the crime using only a complete set of photos of the day of the crime, luckily on display for all to see and identify the killer who handily only owns one jumper. Please.

For me this film was a severe disappointment, although the far superior David Fincher remake addresses most of these issues and is therefore far more deserving of your time.




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