Gigli (2003)


The now infamous Gigli is a mob “comedy” that sees a misogynistic hit man unwillingly paired with intellectual lesbian hit person Jennifer Lopez while they babysit the mentally impaired brother of a federal prosecutor.

The reputation of this cinematic train wreck has completely preceded it and I must admit I approached the film with a combination of dread and morbid curiosity. And what a mess it truly is. Ben Affleck was never the most charismatic of actors, but here he is truly dreadful; a thoroughly unlikeable cartoon cut-out who goes through unbelievably unconvincing cinematic “growing as a person” motions in the company of Ms. Lopez, who plays her part like a guest on the Springer show reading pretentious bullshit off cue cards. All the so-called humour is offensively patronising, being virtually solely at the expense of the mentally ill and the script is a series of completely random situations in which the two share absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. The attempts at examining gender politics are inane and the only time it raised a laugh from me is when Christopher Walken – who had clearly been smoking crack – appeared with one of the most bizarre performances I’ve ever seen.

Gigli is one of the most cringeworthy cinematic experiences I’ve ever endured, although I’d have to say it’s not the worst because it is almost mesmerising in its absurdity.



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