Ghost World (2001)


Two friends endure the trials and tribulations of high school graduation.

Based on an indie comic book, Ghost World is one of those self-consciously “cool” character studies that almost bursts a blood vessel in its attempt to be effortlessly quirky. The main character played by Thora Birch is one of those “offbeat” heroines with a teen angst hatred of the world, but like people like that, she is also a bit like a black hole of self superior snideness that kind of makes you want to slap her. The few laughs there are come from the supporting cast, including an amusingly observed new age art teacher and especially the nunchuck-wielding red neck whose brief appearances basically steal the entire film. Steve Buscemi is easily the most sympathetic character and within him lies an interesting message about the sacrifices and compromises we all must make to relate to other people, but I couldn’t help feeling that the film was making me do all the hard work.

Not an offensive watch, but the experience of seeing this film felt a bit like a non-event.



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