Ghost Town (2008)


An obnoxious and misanthropic dentist dies on the operating table but when he is revived, he finds he can communicate with the dead.

Ghost Town is most definitely the Ricky Gervais show, which is no bad thing. Although it’s got all the hallmarks of the rom-com – the TV sitcom montage acoustic guitar soundtrack, the inevitable love interest and the over reliance on schmaltz to resolve the story – but it also is full of Gervais’ trademark wit and one liners that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the likes of The Office and Extras in particular. The result is akin to a cross between The Sixth Sense and Groundhog Day; it’s very easy to imagine Bill Murray in the part of Dr. Pincus and fans of his will not be disappointed.

Unfortunately the last twenty minutes contain the usual sappy life message cliches and just like in Groundhog Day, it’s a lot funnier when our hero is being a dick; but the best moments are genuinely funny.



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