The Getaway (1972)


A corrupt politician grants parole to a career criminal in exchange for masterminding a bank robbery, but when things go awry he and his wife have to make a run for the border with both the cops and their erstwhile partners on their tail.

The Getaway is an old school, no nonsense heist movie that bears all of Sam Peckinpah’s trademarks. Despite the presence of Steve McQueen and his effortless cool, it’s a very cold-hearted film as the character he plays is so cold blooded it’s rather difficult to warm to him; the plot is also little more than a series of shoot outs and car chases so there is not much room for in-depth characterisation or dialogue. But with Peckinpah at the helm, the action is of course brilliantly handled and it has the requisite tough guy grittiness that is peculiar to thrillers of the 1970’s such as Dirty Harry and The French Connection. Things definitely heat up towards the end, with a fantastic climactic shoot out and a nice cameo from Slim Pickens that finally brings a modicum of heart to the story.

Maybe not a true classic, but certainly one to see for fans of the genre.



4 thoughts on “The Getaway (1972)

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