Land Of The Dead (2005)


A post apocalyptic society has evolved in the wake of the zombie holocaust with the inevitable mix of haves and have-nots fighting for what’s left of the world’s resources, little knowing that the undead are getting organized.

Land Of The Dead feels the least like a genuine George A. Romero zombie film of the series. It actually has a lot more in common with the likes of Escape From New York or Mad Max than Night Of The Living Dead, forsaking the smart social commentary and invention of the earlier films for generic action sequences and gory effects. The C-list cast certainly don’t help, as all are rather bland and uninteresting as they go through the sci-fi action motions of running around shooting zombies with big guns.

Fans will be able to spot some cameos by various undead characters from the previous films and it has enough happening on screen to stave off boredom, but as a whole it looks far more like an imitator than a bona fide instalment of the original series.



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