Gandhi (1982)


Richard Attenborough’s reverential biopic of Mohandas K. Gandhi charts his progress from idealistic young lawyer fighting for civil rights in South Africa, through to his assassination by a Hindu nationalist in 1948.

A remarkable film about a remarkable man, it won 8 Oscars and had an epic scale rarely seen before. Through a superb performance by Ben Kingsley, it shows how Gandhi was a deeply spiritual man who saw not man and woman, Hindu and Muslim or black and white; just people who all deserved the same respect; a very unusual attitude for a “holy man”. He preached non-violence and used the media in a way never seen before to shame his oppressors through the use of passive resistance, showing that it takes a lot more courage to take a beating than give one and in doing so was all but responsible for the dissolution of the British Empire.

It’s maybe a little too reverential, Gandhi being shown as all but a saint and we see little of his personal life, but it’s beautifully shot and performed and a fitting memorial to one of the most influential and revered human beings to ever have lived.




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