Gamer (2009)


In a near future society, death row inmates are given a chance of freedom by participating as living characters in an ultra violent video game.

Something akin to a next generation version of The Running Man, Gamer manages to be even more vacuous and ridiculous than its Stephen King penned predecessor. A sterling example of everything that’s wrong with contemporary cinema, its ADHD direction is packed with some much irritating and pointless camera trickery that it would have made Tony Scott blush. The empty script is little more than an excuse for gratuitous violence, nudity and bad language with absolutely zero depth, characterisation or any semblance of the kind of social or political commentary that The Running Man at least attempted. Michael C. Hall brings a little flamboyance to his evil techno-megalomaniac but the story is absolute nonsense packed to brimming with sci-fi cliches.

Gamer is little more than a video game junkie fan-wank that’s so immature and tasteless that it makes Death Race look like Lawrence Of Arabia.



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