The Corporation (2004)


Charting the evolution of the business world from the inception of the modern corporation as a single purpose, tightly regulated tool in the 19th century through to its current global domination, The Corporation makes for some sobering viewing.

Featuring “talking head” interviews from the likes of Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein and Michael Moore, this film not only attempts to dissect how the modern corporation operates, but also how it acquired these seemingly all-encompassing powers through the corruption of the democratic process, the implications of its profit-driven misdeeds and how the rest of the human race and the planet itself is suffering for a system that puts greed first and all other considerations second. This is a subject in which I have a particular interest and have read much on the subject, yet even I learned some surprising facts; for example the corporations acquired their current powers by having themselves declared “human individuals” in American law using legislation designed to reintegrate slaves freed after the American Civil War. Shameful does not begin to describe.

A fine companion piece for the likes of Capitalism: A Love Story, Inequality For All and even Blackfish and An Inconvenient Truth, this kind of fact-driven documentary may not be to everyone’s taste in entertainment, but the information contained within is essential stuff.


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