Frost/Nixon (2008)


In the wake of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon is tempted into a televised interview by a huge fee and the presumption of an easy ride from a British interviewer with little political experience.

Frost/Nixon can best be described as a political version of Rocky 2, as strange as that sounds. The story is of a fresh faced challenger who, against all odds, takes on a world heavyweight who has little expectation of a real fight. Michael Sheen once again shows his uncanny ability to “become” the character he is portraying – this time talk show host David Frost – but his fine turn is more than matched by a superb performance by Frank Langella who brings a real humanity to “tricky Dicky”. It’s a story of two men who have everything to lose – Frost his career and entire personal fortune, and Nixon his credibility and historical legacy – each vying for the upper hand in a verbal battle of wits.

Considering the limits to the originally stage-bound script, Frost/Nixon is extremely compelling thanks to an excellent cast and anyone with an interest in politics should not fail to enjoy a peek behind the curtain of history in the making.



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