From Paris With Love (2010)


A wannabe special ops field agent is partnered with a specialist to root out a terrorist cell intent on disrupting a peace conference in gay Paris.

Very much in the same vein as 1980’s chalk and cheese buddy cop movies written by the likes of Shane Black, From Paris With Love is similarly misogynistic and gratuitously violent as wise-cracking super agent John Travolta teaches lily-livered liberal Johnathan Rhys Myers how to become a trigger happy Nazi in order to “get the job done”. The result is a cross between Training Day and The Rookie for spies, and as usual the old “terrorism” card is played to excuse the indiscriminate slaughter of everyone they come across, while Travolta does his wacky hit man schtick to whom anyone who has seen Broken Arrow or Swordfish will be familiar. The direction is decent and the action slickly choreographed but the script is unimaginative and crude and literally everyone involved is a blatant racial stereotype.

The non-stop action means it passes the time if you don’t think too much about it but its sheer moral bankruptcy will make it rather distasteful to those who do.



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