The Four Musketeers (1975)


Following their successful attempt to foil Richelieu’s plot to scandalise the queen, the musketeers not only have to deal with the machinations of the cardinal and his henchmen, but also the blood vendetta of Milady who has sworn vengeance against D’Artagnan.

While the first film employed its knockabout charm and sense of fun to pad out its rather slender narrative, The Four Musketeers is rather darker in tone but this serves only to highlight the shortcomings of the script. The characterisations are rather two dimensional and the dialogue little more than sound bites of exposition to set up a series of excuses for various slapstick fight sequences.

The cast is still hugely likeable and the set pieces fun, but as a whole its patchwork of ideas don’t really hang together as a coherent story, leaving the film feel like something of a missed opportunity.


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