Four Lions (2010)


A group of dim-witted working class British Muslims declare a jihad on the establishment.

Chris Morris once again prods at the boundaries of good taste with this scatter shot spoof of Islamic extremism and the government’s response to terrorism. I must admit that Four Lions was not quite what I was expecting; I was hoping for a witty satire in the same vein as In The Loop but instead Four Lions relies more on farce and belly laughs, although Omar’s hilarious tirades in Urdu did have more than a little of a Malcolm Tucker feel about them . Because of this I found Four Lions a little disappointing, although it obviously contained the inevitable sly digs at religious dogma, the extremist’s manipulations of the weak willed and direction less and the state’s shoot first and ask questions later attitude.

More mildly amusing than the savagely insightful wit that I’ve come to expect from Morris, but it certainly does have its moments.



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