Four Brothers (2005)


A saintly old lady is executed during a liquor store hold up and her four foster sons reunite to hunt down her killers.

Four Brothers is exactly the kind of brain dead action thriller that holds extreme violence up as the answer to all of life’s problems as we follow Mark Wahlberg and his gang on their rampage through the streets of Detroit using nothing but their wits. And thuggery, torture and huge quantities of ammunition, of course. There is no character development, little meaningful dialogue and the testosterone fuelled mix of male bonding and dodgy sentimentality – the thanksgiving scene is one of the most cringe-inducing and embarrassing things I have ever seen – belies quite a staggering lack of subtlety or sophistication, even by Hollywood action movie standards.

John Singleton throws in enough well handled action scenes to stave of boredom, but in the end it’s just another meat-headed exercise in testosterone-soaked idiocy.



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