Following (1998)


A would-be writer falls in with a voyeuristic burglar and becomes embroiled in blackmail and murder.

Christopher Nolan’s debut feature is filmed in grainy black & white with a no-name cast almost giving it the feel of a student project more than anything else. What does shine through is his invention and writing skill, the now familiar non-linear timeline making the audience fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the plot while the script throws curves that you never fully predict even when you know that they’re coming. It is clearly made on a shoestring and suffers in a similar way to El Mariachi in that the photography is barely TV standard and the acting, although not terrible, does not have the nuance to do the writing justice.

It does show the obvious potential of one of the best new talents of the 21st century – no doubt being the “taster” that secured Nolan the cash to make Memento – and the intriguing noir style twists and turns make the film more than worth the 70 minute running time.



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