Flame And Citron (2009)


Flame and Citron was a partnership of two Danish partisans who assassinated Nazi sympathisers and collaborators during World War II.

The story is a true life account of their exploits containing intrigue and betrayal in a rarely filmed theatre of the war, as such throwing an interestingly different light on the conflict. Their guerilla tactics make it feel more like a gangster film such as The Untouchables than a war film but the consistently grey areas – something that’s rather surprising considering the aforementioned villains of the piece – make it a rather sterile and uninvolving affair. It reminded me of Munich for this reason, as in a similar way to that film we see a series of cold-blooded murders of so-called “criminals” but because we never get to know anything about them or their crimes, the morality of it all soon becomes very murky.

Flame And Citron is certainly a very worthy and intelligent film however with fine performances all round, particularly from a typically intense Mads Mikkelsen and is worth seeing for those looking for a war film with a difference.



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