Fed Up (2014)


Fed Up is a documentary from the same team that brought you An Inconvenient Truth, this time focusing on the food industry.

This similarly well researched, well presented and insightful film is an expose of how the use of refined sugar in processed food is poisoning us all and creating an epidemic of obesity that is shaping up to become the greatest threat to public health in the history of mankind. It’s an all-too familiar story; scientists discover that the practices of big business are hugely harmful to the very people they are supposed to be servicing and their response is to confound any attempts to curb this behaviour by using their vast financial resources to use propaganda to misinform the public, bribery to buy off our elected so-called representatives, as well as ploys that are tantamount to blackmail and extortion. In fact I suspect that Michelle Obama’s well-intentioned “Get Moving” campaign, designed to help American children become more healthy, is typical of the entire Obama administration; their attempts to pass legislation for the public good are diluted to appease lobbyists and vested interests, subverted by big business using their money to infiltrate the campaign, and then confounded by a hostile opposition in Congress who are more interested in representing those same vested interests than their own constituents.

It’s a depressing tale that echoes the efforts of eminent scientist Clair Patterson to expose the pollution of the environment by lead additives in fuel, through to the behaviour of big tobacco, the fossil fuel industry and now those responsible for the very sustenance we rely on every day. Yet our politicians, bewitched by the empty promises of the neoliberal agenda are still insistent that these irresponsible, self-serving and corrupt institutions are those to whom we should entrust the very fabric of our society.

This extremely well made documentary is a real eye opener and fans of Michael Moore and the likes of Super Size Me, Inequality For All, An Inconvenient Truth and other thoughtful, establishment challenging films will find it essential viewing.



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