The Blue Dahlia (1946)


A navy flier returns from the South Pacific with two army buddies, but when his wife is found murdered he finds himself on the run and in search of the real killer.

I had high hopes for The Blue Dahlia – penned as it was by Raymond Chandler – but I was left a little disappointed. The partnership of its stars worked well but I didn’t think they spent enough time on screen together and Veronica Lake’s character was actually rather irrelevant to the rather workmanlike plot. All the scenes that involved Alan Ladd playing the tough guy were very entertaining however and the villains of the piece had a lot of character. The supporting cast were a little guilty of hamminess – especially the admittedly attractive and sultry Doris Dowling – but as a whole The Blue Dahlia manages to hang together thanks to a strong central performance by its star.

I just felt it lacked the edginess of the best examples of the genre.



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